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Now that we're into the merry month of May, the weather has started cooperating again and the area where I live has burst into lush greenery! They don't call the Pacific Northwest a "temperate rainforest" for nothing! Seriously, it's beautiful out here. Which meeeaaannns that I can start taking some good stock photos again!

Since I primarily take stock photos for YOU, I'd really like some input on the kinds of things you'd like to see. I know a lot of the people who use my stock are equine and fantasy manippers. (that's a word, right?) Here are some of the locale types I have available to me:

:bulletgreen: Rolling fields/pastures
:bulletgreen: Woods (brushy/lots of undergrowth)
:bulletgreen: Woods (shaded clearings)
:bulletgreen: Marshy areas (no bulrushes, but lots of buttercups)
:bulletgreen: Young orchard-type trees
:bulletgreen: Foliage closeups from trees to bark to shrubbery, you name it!
:bulletgreen: Wildflowers
:bulletgreen: Mountain vistas (I live near Mt. Rainier, which a huge and picturesque snow-capped peak)
:bulletgreen: Dusty gravel/dirt rural roads
:bulletgreen: Dirt paths through woods
:bulletgreen: Barn places: haylofts, hay bales, stalls, wooden walls, doors, alleyways, etc.

Object stock is something I haven't gotten into as much yet, but I could definitely try it if you give me suggestions! Shoot me an idea and I'll let you know if it's feasible.

So, to celebrate eliatra-stock recently breaking 500 pageviews (woohoo! :party:) I'd like to reward YOU! Each person who comments on this journal with a choice from the list above will get at least FIVE landscape stock photos in the category of their choice. No strings attached!

(For example, you comment "Wildflowers!" and I'll take five photos of wildflowers in my area. Specify closeup/distance if you have a preference!)

Your photos will be open for public use, but I'll tag you in the deviation comments and send you a note linking you when I've uploaded the pics. Comment away!


Welcome to eliatra-stock! This is my repository of stock photography for any and all interested artists. I have a few rules I ask you to follow, based on what I have seen in my own experience on DA and my own personal preference. They're pretty simple:

:bulletred: Yes, you can use my stock! You don't need to ask my permission first.
:bulletred: If you think you might use my stock, please FAVE :+fav: it before you SAVE it for your own future reference.
:bulletred: Once you do use it in a piece, link back to this account, eliatra-stock, by linking my avatar and/or deviant name (type : develiatra-stock : or : iconeliatra-stock : without the spaces between the colons and the text) in the deviation description. If you could link back to the resource itself, that would be great too, but at least put eliatra-stock.
:bulletred: Let me know you used it! I'm happy to :+fav: and comment on works that use my stock! :)
:bulletred: I don't restrict who can use my stock and for what kinds of artwork, but please no hate speech, etc.
:bulletred: Keep it on DA! If you'd like to use it in a print, shoot me a note and let me know.
:bulletred: Do more than the bare minimum of manipulation! I understand using a photo nearly as-is as a background and doing most of your work on other elements of the image--that's fine. But don't resubmit my stock by itself with just a few color filters. Make it your own original work.
:bulletred: Have fun!

If you have any questions or requests, shoot me a note either here or at eliatra - I may visit my account at eliatra more often and be quicker to respond there.


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I am a writer and a pianist in the Pacific Northwest. My favorite art medium is digital art and Photoshop, but I'm just starting to get into photography. Since I've used so much quality DA stock over the years, I'd like to give back to the community and contribute my own stock art for use to all of you talented and up-and-coming artists. :)

Check out my art account at eliatra!

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